The locksmith business has been a great profession for hundreds and thousands of locksmiths across the world. It might not be the most highly paying career, but it can be a good way of earning your livelihood. Here are some positive things about locksmithing as job/career/profession.

1. RECESSION PROOF: The locksmith business never gets stalled with the economy. If the economy is bad, people are fired, homes sold and office locked. It only means more business option for locksmiths. Who can afford to be less worried about security of their homes, cars and offices?

2. REGULAR WORK: People always need to get locks replaced or get new keys. The chances of losing you key has remained the same forever. So, you lose key and call a locksmith. Business will always come to you if you service an area with a decent population. More people = more work.

3. FLEXIBLE WORK TIME: Okay, it might not be the most valid reason, but you can always choose your own work timings. Being a good locksmith and a helpful person would, of course, be an impediment to "flexible work timing". If you have a backup team of locksmith, you can always divert your business phone to an associate and take a day off.

4. CONSTANT LEARNING: Regular improvement in locks with better technology means you get to learn about new things. It is never going to be a dull day. It's only human body which has remained the same for centuries. Cars and locks have been changing every single day.

5. NO HEAVY LABOUR: As a locksmith, you just need to pick locks or put some mild about when required to remove locks. No heavy weight lifting required, ever.